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Producing this certification is a proud moment for me. Like you I have been on the path of discovery for a long time.

I've been to courses, seminars and not really had the guidance to say "this is how you do it". That's something over the last 10 years I've put my hand to. Showing my athletes "how to" and teaching coaches in the same way.

The penny really dropped for my when I took a step away from the books and videos and looked at where my athletes were. I didn't need more information. I need to create frameworks to coach a single athlete or 30 all at the same time. As we all know the realities of being an S&C coach.


Now it's time for me to show you how to do the same.

I made this for you

This Sports Speed Certification is for you if you want to make your athletes faster, create effective repeatable speed training programs and apply it all right away.

My vision is to empower ever coach on the planet. Set you free from the pressure and the overwhelm this passion of ours creates.

Since the birth of my mentoring program, I have been working with coaches all over the world solve the speed training problems you face. Not enough time, too much to do, don't know where to start...let alone how to progress. Sound familiar?

I'm a coach and a teacher. But In creating this I kept my coach hat on and wrote the course that I needed to be taken through when I first started. Say goodbye to journal and's time to get applied.

"My goal has been to create a system of coaching that make speed a low hanging fruit...and I have"

- Sam Portland

Here's why you might want to get certified with Sportland...

If you can tick off at least 3 of the points below, you'll be an amazing fit for the program.

You have attended seminar on speed but left that it?

Get overwhelmed with the "sophisticated" technical models?

Get a headache when you think about writing speed programs beyond wall drills and running?

Lack the confidence to go and coach speed and know what you need to be looking for?

Like the idea of using profiling but not sure how to use the data?

Want to fully integrate speed development your program. Gym work, Team Sessions, Field work?

Heard a little about the power of Speed Gate Golf and want to know the complete system?

Running the times and hitting the scores that I have give me complete faith in him as a coach.

It is rare to find someone who shares the same level of determination and no fear attitude when it comes to challenges."

- Alex Gray, England Rugby, Atlanta Falcons NFL

Here's what we will get into


On the day we will go through some of the essential application of the certification and work through your coaching efficiency through practical and discussion based learning.


The Sport Speed System

We start the certification with learning the key

frameworks that I have developed to build this system.

This first module gives you all the base map you need to understand and logically apply the rest of the modules.


Coaching Speed - See what you're looking at.

In this module I practically break down the technical models of the following:

● Acceleration

● Transition Sprinting

● Maximum Velocity

● Change of Direction

We will cover key faults, how to apply my technical checklist and select proven coaching strategy to fix them.


Programming For Speed

This is exactly what it says. I will take you through, step by step how to apply my drill stacking system and the principle of LLE (Learn, Load and Execute)

After just those three modules you will have all you need to go and make athletes seriously fast. But it doesn't stop there.

● Implementing a Speed Program in Team Sports

● The Complete Speed Gate Golf System

● How to profile and use the data (from a budget to advanced tech)

● Exercise Classification for Speed - What drills do what?

● Developing Speed in the Weight Room

● Physiology of Speed Training - Energetics and Primal Reflexes

Working with Sam has been absolutely phenomenal.

You need to just experience working with Sam. I feel his work is unrivalled and I wish I had this work 10 years ago.

- Sami Dowling, Bray Wanderers, Leinster Rugby, Ireland Rugby

This is what else you'll get with the certification

I am leaving no stone unturned here...

Lifetime Access to all the certification content


Pre-defined Worksheets

Cement your learning with quizzes, practicals and assessments.

Technical Analysis Walk through sheets

Step by step session and program builder

Excel analysis sheets to hone in on all the data you need!!!

Never before seen footage of Sam coaching real time!

ALL of Sam's Coach progression manuals (worth £177.95)

Follow up Q&A Session with Sam (worth £150)

Much much more...


Let's do this (together).


I wrote this for the coach:

This certification is so much more than technical models and diagrams.

The certification is a complete how to guide to ensure that you know everything you need to take your athletes to the next level.


I write this with the coach in mind. It's for you. Its a system, with frameworks that allow you to repeat it over and over again. Remove the programming headaches and the uncertainty.

We need more applied coaching learning. Im here to give you that.

- Sam Portland

You're in good company

What they're saying...

"I didn't expect that"

"I work with Sam because he's been there and done it.

He has worked with some of the best athletes and continues to produce results."

- Ryan Devlin, Hull City

"I can't recommend it highly enough"

"He genuinely cares about you and wants to see coaches succeed"

- Peter Wright, Petey Performance

"I struggled with my confidence"

"I knew working with Sam was going to be quality, but I didn't expect that!!!"

- Eoghan Mccabe

Are you ready?

Let's do this (together).



I've answered the most common questions below; for any others, please get in touch.

When will I have access to the content?

You will receive access to the content on the day of the event. This ensures that you don't over indulge before.

Is this certification good for me if I don't work with pro athletes?

Yes, 100%. I use the same system with all athletes that I work with. This is what gives me consistent results.

Do I have to come the in person event to get certified?

Yes you do, I want you to get the most out of this experience. Learning is done on the field and on the day I will make sure there is no stone unturned.

Will there be any support after?

Yes, approximately a month after the event I will be hosting an open Q&A to help guide you further. You will also be added to my community.

What if I don't have speed gates?

Measuring speed is essential for coaching. However, I didn't always have the luxury of speed gates and tech. I will show you all the ways and tricks I've used over the years.

Does this information apply to youth athletes?

ABSOLUTELY, I spend a lot of time undoing bad habits! We use the same frameworks in my academy program with kids from 9 years old upwards!

How Long will it take to complete the certification?

The certification is designed for a learn at your own pace. However there is a learning schedule designed for you to assist your completion. Also to reinforce learning there are assessments for each module.

Do I need a degree or masters to complete this certification?

No you do not, this certification is about teaching application and showing you a step by step implementation strategy.

I'm Sam Portland

I've been a Strength and conditioning specialist for the last decade. In that time I've focused on the development of speed with my athletes. From working with NFL players, international sprinters, professional rugby players from all over the world. I have built this certification to help drive the S&C Speed world forwards.


100% Sportland Money Back Guarantee


Live Sport Speed Event

They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true...

Full Access to Online Learning Materials

Over 10 hours of material, learning aids and done for you materials.

Bonus #1: Technical Coaching Checklist

Grade your athletes and then coach them!

Bonus #2: Follow up Q&A Session (£150 p/h)

After you've been to the event you will have to opportunity to grill me on the content at a later date.

Bonus #3: ALL of Sam's Coach progression manuals (worth £177.95)

Speed Progressions, Change of Direction, Plyometrics, Ballistics and Strength...ALL FOR YOU!!!

Bonus #4: Access to Sams Community

Join a ton of like minded individuals to keep building on your passion. Regular lives and content.

Bonus #5: Step by Step Program Builder

Done for you sheet demonstrating the thought process needed for superior training programs.

Bonus #6: Excel Profiling

Done for you excel profiling which allows you to just plug in some numbers and know what to do.

Sportland guarantee available to all those whom are not satisfied with the certification post completion and can provide viable reasoning.

Sportland Consulting Ltd.